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‘Sachsenross’ or ‘Saxon Ross’?

Offering a variety of bespoke English Language Training solutions, to meet the needs of a diverse array of clients, Ross Lewis is a fully-qualified teacher with a BA (Hons) degree in Primary Education and a over a decade’s worth of experience in the UK Education Sector.

Whilst in the UK, some of his previous roles included Subject Coordination for Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), History, Science, and Information Communications Technology (ICT), as well as Network Administration, Technical Support/Consultancy, and work in Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Having made an “Exit from Brexit” in 2016, he now lives and works in the Region Hannover (Niedersachsen) as a Freelance English Trainer and Docent-Lecturer, with extensive experience in the corporate and commercial sector, as well as prior and continuing partnerships with a range of clients and institutions.

Ross Lewis (Saxon Ross Languages)